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About Creative Amani

Capturing your unexpected glance, that special moment, a celebration, a simple gathering or an elaborate event – what is it after it passes without a memory? A photograph to remind you of that moment in time.  A memory to pass thru the ages of the love, the joy, the adventures of life.   I thrive on capturing these moments.  My name is Amani Mendel.  I have been the designated photographer for family and friends thru out my life and I am very passionate about my work.    It’s exhilarating to see myself as well as my clients transition from the first few nervous moments of the shoot to relaxed, fun smiles and laughter.  Every photo shoot is different and I learn new things each time.   I love digital scrapbooking  and designing creatiive projects with photos. 

I have an abundance of experience with small scale party planning. From Birthday parties, Valentine’s Day parties, Halloween parties,  Weddings, or any other event. 

    I enjoy customizing invitations, posters, labels, games  etc.   

I can customize and design a variety of products for printing such as coffee mugs, blankets, etc.  I have a  portfolio of  personal birthday party books from my own two daughters that include full planning, execution, photography, designing and printing.  



“A picture is a secret about a secret, the more it tells you the less you know.”

-Diane Arbus-

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